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Question Of The Day

Would You Rather Be Deaf or Blind?

Eyes or ears, one or the other, you can't have both.

They say an eye for an eye will leave the whole world blind, but will an ear for an ear leave the whole world deaf? We decided to expand on this poignant philosophical questioning and take to the public arena on a summer’s day to ask: Would you rather be deaf or blind? No ability to see golden sunshine pouring down between emerald leaves and all the colours of a sunset. Or never hearing music again for the rest of your life. Up to you. Henry, 34: Fucking just kill me, just make sure I get shot by a really cool gun. If I had to choose, I would choose being deaf, because that way I could see the bus as it comes to hit me. Noah, 27: Deaf. If you can’t see stuff you might bump into things. If your hearing was like a bat's or something…
It’s a choice, isn’t it, it’s a personal choice! Alright, sorry.
Look, I prefer things quiet than dark. I would rather sit in a bright, silent room than a dark, noisy one. God, you must hate going out.


I would read. If I was blind I would have to learn to read Braille and I’m not prepared to learn Braille. Lauren, 23 (left) and Celestina, 22 Celestina: I would rather be born with sight and go blind later. That way you would understand colour and what people look like. But you would also know what you're missing.
Lauren: Yeah, but then you would be like "What’s the pavement?" and people would be like "grey" then you would be like "What’s grey?" Clara, 21 (left) and Gabriel, 21. Clara: Making coffee in the morning would be really difficult. I can’t even imagine making Lego castles and playing darts.

Cynthia, 34: Deaf. I've got kids and I would rather see them grow up than not hear their voices. If I could just hear them they might put on a really nice “success” voice, but really they're a homeless drug addict. I wouldn’t know. Abigail, 22 (left) and Nathan, 26. Nathan: Shit that’s deep.
Abigail: I would rather go blind. I don’t think I could live without music. Are you a musician?
I sing, we both sing and we both dance, too. I teach children with disabilities. Some of them are deaf and they can still dance. Cool.
A troupe of blind dancers wouldn’t work, though. What about you, Nathan?
Nathan: I think I would have to say going blind. I need music man, I need it, it’s like spiritual healing. Ali, 17: Deaf. Why Ali, why?
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