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A Fist in the Face of God: Tom Swine from Salute Made Us a Metal Mix

Tom Swine of black speed metal / grinding pain metal / tough street metal trio Salute made us a mix.

There has only been a slight rotation of the moon since I last spilled more ancient blood on the altar of metal, but guess what? I have another mix – this time of a more mixed variety, with metal from every decade since the 60s, except for the 90s – courtesy of Tom Swine of Bristol black speed metal trio Salute. (Well, I say "black speed metal", he says "grinding pain metal' or 'tough street metal." Tomato, tomato.) That's a picture of him getting down and dirty for the never-to-be-released-even-on-DVD remake of Cobra. Words from the man after I shut the fuck up.


So I guess the diehard posse are probably familiar with almost every track on this new mix but that's not the point RIGHT!!!
This is a mix full of the real deal, stuff I love to listen to in the Salute compound whilst smashing beers and writing riffs/looking at vinyl! Black Magic and Bunker are on there for all who are going to LIVE EVIL ROUND 2! See you in hell… - SWINE

Without pausing to consider why people who make metal mixes are always so fond of the exclamation mark, let's let it loose!


1. Savage (England) - "Let it Loose" (1983)
2. Oz (Finland) - "Free Me, Leave Me" (1983)
3. Death (USA) - "You're a Prisoner" (1974)
4. Widow (England) - "Devil's Disciple" (1984)
5. Black Magic (Norway) - "The Ritual/Night of Mayhem" (2010)
6. Warfare (England) - "Dance of the Dead" (1984)
7. Bunker 66 (Italy) - "Blasphemous Ignorance" (2010)
8. Hell Darkness (Israel) - "Heartfelt" (2009)
9. Arson Anthem (USA) - "Crippled Life" (2010)
10. Can (Germany) - "Sing Swan Song" (1972)
11. Flower Travellin' Band (Japan) - "Kamikaze" (1972)
12. Leaf Hound (England) - "Stagnant Pool" (1971)
13. Steppenwolf (Canada/USA) - "The Ostrich" (1968)
14. Sam Gopal (England) - "Grass" (1969)
15. Black Sabbath (England) - "Falling Off the Edge of the World" (1981)