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Chicas Que Conocemos: Pt, I

Those sneaky Spaniards have been running their own version of our Isn't She Lovely column for a month now.

So the Spanish office were so bowled over by our Isn't She Lovely series that they've been secretly running their own for a month or so now. Our good buddy Paul, VICE Spain's online editor, called the series Chicas Que Conocemos—Girls We Know—because he said they wanted to tone down the sleaze, adding "it's not like Spain needs any more allegations of being a nation of greasy wifebeaters, is it?" So, instead of us stealing their images and weakly translating the text, he sent us a best-of for your beady little eyes to feast themselves on. Your lucky bastard eyes.


ALEJANDRA NUÑEZ AND HER DOG TRO American Apparel shorts, Vintage T-shirt, Forever 21 bow, Vans shoes

Luckily for the people who work with her—us—23-year-old Alejandra is into things like the BCN—Barcelona—punk scene and photography, as much as she is into her dog Tro. It's much easier to tolerate the stories about 'what Tro did on bonfire night', when they're followed up with an anecdote about hanging out with the Vivian Girls in New York. If you're doubting our sincerity, see for yourself on her tumblr.

Ralph Lauren jumper, H&M skirt

BLANCA MIRO Lydia Delgado sweater, Levi's shorts

When we published this shoot in VICE ES we got Blanca's date of birth wrong, which prompted her to send an email thanking us for making her younger, rather than throwing a hissy fit, as is the wont of other 'artists'. So, for the record, Blanca is 23 and makes a living selling her felt-tip drawings of shop fronts, buildings, and signs, to a bunch of magazines. Of her drawings, our favorite is one of the outside of a motel titled So Many Dicks In My Mouth You Have No Idea.

Topshop top, Antonio Miró trousers, vintage jewelry

BERTA PFIRSICH El Delgado Buil blouse, Topshop necklace

I suppose we could just leave it at 'she plays the drums', but I already feel a bit weird about this series so I'm going to put more information down. Berta plays the drums in Der Ventilator, a band who moaned about not having any friends when we filmed them for Noisey last year, which is a bit rich, seeing as I haven't been to a party in Barcelona without bumping into her bandmate Adex, in the last 12 months.


El Delgado Buíl shirt, vintage skirt, Intimissimi bra

VIOLETA Sister Jane dress and jacket

Violetas band Juanita y los Feos have been around for about six years and. to be honest, for most of that time they were shit. That said, their new record, Pesadilla Adulta is the shit. Yup, it's probably lazy journalism, but it's true. It kind of sounds like what that band The Organ would have done if they partied a bit harder.