Exclusive: Here Are 50 People Who Don't Like the UK Conservative Party Very Much


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Exclusive: Here Are 50 People Who Don't Like the UK Conservative Party Very Much

After the "Telegraph" found 100 rich CEOs who want the Conservative Party to with the election, we found some strangers in the street who don't want that to happen.
Daisy Jones
London, GB

This article originally appeared on VICE UK.

Yesterday, the Telegraph published a letter signed by over 100 of the UK's richest oligarchs, bosses, and Dragon's Den panelists, saying that they think that people should vote Conservative. Despite some business leaders quite liking the Tories being the most precedented thing in political history after old Etonian prime ministers, this news was apparently worthy of the Telegraph's front page.


In the letter, they said that the Conservative-led government's economic policy shows that "the UK is open for business." In particular they like the fact that the Tories made them pay less corporation tax and they want everyone else to get behind a government that makes big corporations give less money to schools and hospitals, too.

So, people expressing banal opinions is apparently front page news now. With that in mind, today 50 random people that we found in the street have exclusively told VICE that they don't like David Cameron very much.

Hitting the streets of Camden, North London, I got some stakeholders in British democracy to hold a concise open letter saying, "FUCK THE TORIES." I could have got 103, but the police kept ushering me off the streets, and I got banned from Camden Market by their corporo-fascist security team, condemning me to a lifetime bereft of fake metal band t-shirts.

Needless to say, despite getting fist pumped by socialist goths and heckled by tourists who read the sign wrong and thought I was referring to them, it was relatively easy to find a number of people who were willing to express a prosaic opinion.

A guy called Jack with blue hair commented, "Who are the Tories? They're the bad ones aren't they? Cool sign."

Some guy with a Mohawk (pictured above) said, "I just want to say thank you for giving me a chance to stick my middle finger up to the Tory government. I hope this photo lasts forever."


So there you have it. While 103 people in board rooms reckon you should definitely vote Conservative, some other people walking the streets of London with edgy haircuts think you definitely shouldn't. What this tells us about the state of play at the election, we'll have to wait and see.

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