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Party Time

Get Down With Direct Action, Paranoid London, a Morrissey Bio Pic, and More at UK/ID Fest 2017

We're capping off an entire week of great events with a blowout in SCBD.

Are you feeling paranoid? VICE's Indonesia's office is partnering with the British Council to bring you our second big party, and this one is A LOT closer to home.

We convinced the UK's Paranoid London to come out and perform with Direct Action, Thomas Bullock, Jonathan Kusuma, and Afrikan Boy with a very special guest at South Jakarta's own The Establishment, in SCBD. We're calling the whole thing "Ring of Fire." It going to be so much fun.


It's also Direct Action's first ever performance. The band is a mathy side project from Tyo Nugros, of Dewa 19. We're huge fans of their song "Blush, Blush," a complex totally progged out math jam that builds to a proper freakout. We're super excited for what else they have in store for their first time on stage.

But the party is only one of the events the British Council has lined up for the week. The festival, titled "UK/ID Festival 2017: Come Together" features more than 30 artists performing and showing off their work across six whole days.

Ever wondered how Indonesian and British culture mix? Ever thought about tea and jaipong? Wondered what the silent Alfred Hitchcock masterpiece The Lodger: A Story of the London Fog would sound like with a live score performed by the Sjuman School of Music? Or really wanted to watch the Morrissey bio pic England Is Mine? Then you're in luck.

There's also an art show with collaborative works byUncle Twis (ID) x Cryptic (UK), Liam Smyth (UK) x Grobak Hysteria (ID), and Auto Italia (UK) x Cemeti – Institute untuk Seni dan Masyarakat (ID).

Check out the whole line-up here and come out and party with your favorite VICE staffers on 22 October.