Here is the Saddest Goddamned Sentence About the New York Jets

Christian Hackenberg hit reporters with errant passes during OTAs. Twice.
June 8, 2017, 9:58pm
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Goddammit. There are any number of sentences about the New York Jets that could make a run for the title of official saddest Jets sentence—"Everybody said if Marino was gonna be around at that time they'd take Marino, obviously the Jets know something that the people up here don't," "Rex Ryan got a tattoo of his wife wearing a Mark Sanchez jersey," and "New York Jets quarterback Tom Tupa" all ring a bell—but this little anecdote on Christian Hackenberg's progress at OTAs from Conor Hughes of NJ Advanced Media is about as sad as it gets.


Please, follow me (emphasis mine):

When Hackenberg misses… he really misses. He threw just two interceptions in team drills, but nearly tossed six others. And I'm not talking about a receiver falling down. I'm saying the defender just dropped the ball.

Other times, the wideout/running back/tight end was wide open, and Hackenberg sailed it over his head or bounced it to him. That can't happen. In the three media-open OTAs, Hackenberg hit reporters with passes twice.

For frame of reference, this came in the "The Really Bad" section of a "good/bad/ugly" type of breakdown of the Jets 2016 second-round pick. A silver lining is I guess there was no "ugly?"

Other highlights from Hughes include "I don't have the exact numbers, but I'd say a safe estimate is he completed just 60-65 percent of his passes in quarterback-receiver drills. That's not good."

No, it is not.

OK let's end this on a more positive note. General manager Mike Maccagnan, play us off, will you?