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Hyperreal Polar Bear Paintings Are as Sweet as Can Be

Imagine a fantasy world were the bears majestically float in space and laze in flowers.
All images courtesy the artist and Thinkspace Gallery

The incredibly lifelike fantastical paintings of Kisung Koh burst with a love for wildlife. The South Korean artist now based in Toronto, Canada latest series titled Long Live the Polar Bear Treasure displays his love for animals through a soft palette of colors that interweave a sweet fairy tale narrative. Koh's portraits of polar bears tug at the emotional strings while showing off his handle of oil paints to canvas. His tender-hearted bears are often resting in flowers or guilelessly navigating through space. Koh's past collections also venerate wild animals in whimsical night settings. In this way, the animals are depicted as innocent beings, suspended in a fantasy state.


See a few pieces from the show, below:

Eternal Reflection

Don't Forget Me

Crescent Moon, Study


Extraordinary Pleasure

Dream Walk


Long Live the Polar Bear Treasure

The artist, Kisung Koh, at the opening of 'Long Live the Polar Bear Treasure,' June 2017

Kisung Koh's series, Long Live the Polar Bear Treasure is showing concurrently with Casey Whelson's Sentimental Deprivation until June 24th at Thinkspace Gallery in Culver City, California. Find more information about Koh's show, here.


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