We Explore the Weird Corners of House on Episode 15 of the THUMP Podcast

Lo-fi, ambient excursions, and deconstruction all figure heavily in the current shape of the dancefloor.
June 15, 2017, 8:43pm
Photo by Woodleywonderworks/Flickr

No music goes better with the humid summer heat than a breezy house track. So as New York rapidly heats up, Associate Editors David Garber and Ezra Marcus and Features Editor Michelle Lhooq join Managing Editor Colin Joyce for a conversation about what's going on in the land of the endless 4/4. We dig into the group of lo-fi house producers who are rapidly moving into more fully realized pieces, a new generation of DJs who are slowly incorporating ambient music into their work, and a few musicians taking grammar of house tracks and turning it into something more strange and surreal.

Over the course of the podcast we talk about artists like as Baltra, DJ Seinfeld, Huerco S, The Orb, Umfang, Khotin, Sunareht, Die Reihe, and a whole lot more.

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