This story is over 5 years old.

This Programmable LED Fidget Spinner Sends Secret Messages

The wildly popular toy gets a tech upgrade.

Kids in 2017 are truly living in the future. All I had growing up was "8OO85" on calculators and maybe a Tamagotchi if I could sneak it into class. Now, they're writing secret messages on fidget spinners in LED lights.

The questionably-named "Spaztix Programmable Customizable LED Long Spinning Fidget Finger Spinner" comes equipped with LED lights that project a message when spun. It connects to an Android phone via USB (no word on iPhone compatibility in the product description) and uses an app to customize messages in lights.

DIY customizable desk toys, like the customizable fidget cube, aren't an entirely new category. Even the new programmable fidget spinner has some competition on Kickstarter, although the DIY version comes with a few pretty sweet features that the one available on Amazon doesn't, like a spin counter and built-in timer.

The makers of the "Spaztix" spinner claim that their product is backed by science to help kids (and adults) focus better, even though there's not much evidence to back up their assertion. But the LED lights contained in some spinners are getting them destroyed by the ton: Frankfurt airport officials confiscated 35 tons of spinners last months to protect small children from the easily detached LED lights that could pose a swallowing hazard.

As of writing, this sick spinner costs $24.99. It's a small price to pay to be the envy of your seventh grade homeroom.