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DJ Khaled Demoed "I'm the One" in Justin Bieber's Fur-Lined Truck

When the world hands you a hit, stroke the furry seats.

Despite extremely strong contenders from all genres and sides, summer 2017 will likely be ruled by DJ Khaled's "I'm the One," seemingly by virtue of the sheer critical mass that only Khaled can bring to a track. Like all effortless hits, the song actually has an involved backstory which Khaled himself was kind enough to enthusiastically share via a Billboard interview below.

While it's remarkable and also unsurprising that Quavo completed his verse in five minutes in the studio where Michael Jackson recorded Thriller, what's much more important is the rigorous, Olympic trial that Justin Bieber put Khaled and the then-unfinished song through before he agreed to sing the hook. According to Khaled, he came across Bieber playing piano "like a movie" (Justin Bieber is a very good musician, in case you forgot) and offered to play him a demo version of "I'm the One" off of a "big speaker" to see what he thought. But Biebs, a very particular man of taste and refinement, needed to hear it on his own terms.

He's like, "man, don't worry about a speaker, come jump in my truck, I've got a big system in there." So I go in his truck and it ain't no regular truck. The man got fur and all types of lights like a… like you wouldn't… I dunno, it's special.

The fact that the usually unflappable Khaled was genuinely in awe and at a loss for words to describe a vehicle's interior says a lot about the level of luxe that Biebervelli operates within. It could also be entirely possible that Bieber, a known follower of English rock stars, was attempting to emulate Russell Brand's iconic Aldous Snow character of Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Get Him to the Greek fame. No word yet on whether actual Jeffreys were involved. In any case, here is some parting wisdom from Katy Perry's ex.

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