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Nile Rodgers Enlists Avicii for Chic's Highly-Anticipated Comeback Album

'It's About Time' is supposed to come out this year, and it will mark the legendary band's first album in 25 years.
Photo of Nile Rodgers courtesy of Wikipedia Commons, photo of Avicii courtesy of the artist.

Disco legends Chic are supposed to release their first album in a quarter century this year, and they've enlisted the help of Swedish EDM wunderkind Avicii for the project. Band mastermind Nile Rodgers told United Arab Emirates newspaper the National that they had worked together on the record last month, and Avicii's representatives confirmed the collaboration today, reports Billboard.

Rodgers announced the Chic comeback album in a blog post on his website last year. The LP will be called It's About Time, and Rodgers said that it was heavily influenced by the passing of Prince, David Bowie, Glenn Fry, and Paul Kantner in 2016. "We write happy songs and it's nice to tell people that we're happy, even if there's double entendre going on to reflect the times that we're living in," he said of the new album in an interview with Rolling Stone. "So on the surface, it's joyous. Underneath, when you listen to the lyrics, you may go, 'Oh, that's what they're really saying.'"

Rodgers also said that he worked with Lady Gaga and Pharrell in the National interview. He previously said that Miguel and Janelle Monae would be on the album in a Washington Post profile, so it's sure to be a star-studded affair. The album's first single, "I'll Be There," was released in 2015.

On New Year's Day 2017, Avicii took to Instagram to announce that he was working on the "best damn album" of his career. Both his and Chic's are on THUMP's list of the 12 most anticipated albums of the year, and it's safe to say that we're not alone in our excitement.

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