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Why Was There a Bunch of DiGiorno Pizzas at a Little Caesars? A Brief Investigation

Little Caesars claims it has a perfectly reasonable explanation for the stacks of frozen pizza in its store.
Screenshot via Twitter

Remember those many, many TV commercials for frozen DiGiorno pizza advertising, “It’s not delivery. It’s DiGiorno”? Well, according to a juicy video that went viral on Twitter over the weekend, pizza chain Little Caesars might need to adopt a similar slogan: “It’s not Little Caesars. It’s DiGiorno.”

On Saturday morning, Twitter user @vinandwesson posted a short video with the caption “this can’t be happening right in front of me.” In it, a woman behind the counter at an unnamed location of a Little Caesars casually keeps her hand on a shopping cart chock full of DiGiorno pizzas. A casual observer might be forced to conclude that the restaurant intended to heat, and serve, the frozen pizzas, passing them off as their own.


As reported by, the video soon made brisk rounds of the internet; to date, it’s been retweeted more than 45,000 times, liked more than 135,000 times, and has garnered a whopping 1,200 comments. Even model and prolific tweeter Chrissy Teigen shared the video on her account, commenting, “the only little caesars I wanna go to.”

As commenters wondered what the hell was going on with those pies—whether Little Caesars intended to sell them, or was perhaps heating them up for employees—both DiGiorno and Little Caesars weighed in on the thread.

“We’re just as curious as you,” DiGiorno tweeted just a few hours after the video was posted.

Little Caesars didn’t add its two cents until a full two days later, when it joked (?), “Apparently, this store has a trade-in program.”

That weak sauce earned some beef from DiGiorno, which replied, “Two days to come up with that? Really?”

But what was really going on behind that pizza counter? In a statement made to People, a Little Caesars spokesperson commented, “Of course, Little Caesars only serves freshly baked pizzas made from fresh dough. We think this is probably just a funny coincidence, but are investigating.”

Later, the spokesperson came back to People with updated info. The company stated that this particular Little Caesars is located inside a Kmart store, and that on that day, several customers complained that the store’s freezers were stocked with expired DiGiorno pies. Therefore, the store directed a Kmart employee—allegedly the lady in the video holding the cart—to unload the freezers of the offending items and temporarily store them in the Little Caesars coolers until they could be disposed of.

Sounds fishy to us. But we’re with Teigen on this one: Any pizza place that has the balls to most likely pass off frozen pizzas as its own product is just wacky enough to earn our respect. We can still hang, Little C.