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Most Games Are Terrible at Writing Teen Characters

Hello, fellow kids!
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Spoiler Warning for Life is Strange (season one).

It is not easy to write good, believable teen characters in any work of fiction, and that certainly goes for games. On Waypoint Radio 192, Danielle, Natalie, and Patrick talk about games that do teen writing and teen characters well—inspired by this week’s release of Life is Strange 2 (episode 1), and the series that each of us has an affinity for. We talk about LIS and its approach to dialogue, teen media that works, the shows and books we loved as real actual teens, and the dearth of AAA games that attempt realistic teen dialogue (with one notable exception!). Then we take to the question bucket and imagine immersive sims based on our lives, and Patrick gets an excellent dad corner moment.


Discussed: Life is Strange 2, Life is Strange, Gone Home, Night in the Woods, The X-Files, Daria, Twilight, Harry Potter, Gossip Girl, The Hunger Games, Donut County, The Last of Us: Left Behind.

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