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Diplo and Mark Ronson's New Song Will Be Annoying You All Summer

The new track, featuring former Australian icon Daniel Merriweather on vocals, is... completely fine.

Diplo and Mark Ronson have released “Only Can Get Better”, the first song from their collaborative project Silk City. The producers have been teasing Silk City for a while, and will be playing this year’s Governor’s Ball Festival together. “Only Can Get Better”, which features former Australian icon Daniel Merriweather on vocals, is, honestly, a pretty nondescript 2000s-style disco house track. Although Mark Ronson and Diplo both kinda cop a bit of shit for being absolute goobers online (well, Diplo does, at least) they both have a knack for producing absolute jams––I will fiercely defend at least 13 Diplo songs and 3 Mark Ronson tracks as stone-cold classics––so it’s a bit disappointing to hear them flounder together.


The good news is that Diplo has confirmed the duo have a Dua Lipa collab in the pipeline, and if anyone can pump some charisma into vaguely bland production work, it’s Dua Lipa. Realistically, though, “Only Can Get Better” will probably be played a lot on radio and a lot in malls and at weird rooftop bars all summer. It’s just that kind of song. Better make your peace with it now, I guess. Listen to "Only Can Get Better" above.

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