Frida’s New Single Is a Warm Throwback to Indie’s Golden Age

"Feel Again," the first single from the band's new EP ‘these are all the things we’ve found,’ is homespun psych-pop in the vein of early Grizzly Bear.

I listen to a fair bit of new music (I kinda have to, because I’d probably be fired if I didn’t) but at a certain point in the year, I start to drop more and more of my old favorites into rotation. When it’s cold you want comfort food; as much as I’d love to listen to, like, some wild 20-hour piece of drone music, or whatever, I mostly just want to listen to early 2010s indie rock. Like, Fleet Foxes, or Grizzly Bear, or middle-period Beach House, or something. People talk a lot of shit about this period of time, but hey: those guys were fucking masters of making well-rounded pop music that felt like a full meal rather than just sides.


It’s hard to find new music being made that points to that lush, homespun psych sound without it sounding derivative, but Frida’s “Feel Again,” which we’re premiering today, pays homage to that golden age of indie without it feeling like a tired retread. The band’s first release since 2016, “Feel Again” rolls along steadily, anchored by Lewis Coleman's androgynous, wiry vocal and kissed by touches of warped synth and reverb as it reaches its peak. Taken from their upcoming these are all the things we’ve found EP, out July 6, “Feel Again” is nourishing; perfect comfort food for this time of year. Listen below:

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This article originally appeared on Noisey AU.