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A Mother-Daughter Conversation About Transitioning and Homelessness

After coming out as trans, Tati was kicked out of her mother's home. In the season finale of "My House," the pair have a difficult conversation about their journey to reconciliation.

In an exclusive clip from the season finale of MY HOUSE, we see Tati and her mother have a big conversation over breakfast. What begins as a casual chat quickly dives into a topic that's otherwise remained un-discussed between the pair: Tati's transition.

Tati's transition caused a rift between the two—one that ultimately resulted in Tati being kicked out of her mother's house and onto the New York City streets. Tati's coming-of-age story mirrors those of many LGBTQ youth across the country: According to a 2012 study conducted by the Williams Institute at UCLA Law, up to 1.6 million young people experience homelessness in the United States every year—and 40 percent of them identify as LGBTQ.

Tati's mother admits that at the time she kicked her daughter out of their home, she found it difficult to be around her. "It was difficult because I felt like I was losing a child," she describes. "I was thoroughly embarrassed, because I wanted a son." Still, she's glad that Tati was strong enough to survive the hardship.

"I’m just glad you were born with my strength, because I couldn’t be there," her mother explains, before adding, "a lot of people commit suicide because of that, which is why I’m glad you had the strength to not do that."

Though the road to reconciliation won't be a cake walk, Tati remains grateful: "I understand that you expected me to play a certain role. I was born a specific gender, but that’s not how I felt inside… I'm just happy we're both here today and we're able to move past it. Those are the things that I really care about most."

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