Aries, May 2017
Illustration by Nicole Ginelli

Aries, May 2017

Endings are taking place—but so are powerful new beginnings.
May 1, 2017, 1:00pm

May opens with the Sun shining in sensual Earth sign Taurus, illuminating the sector of your chart that rules your finances and, on an emotional level, your self-worth. But things haven't been going smoothly: Mercury is retrograde in your sign! Fortunately, this ends soon. Mercury will turn direct on May 3, at which point communication will return to normal, and you won't have to face so many delays or difficulties.


Shit gets intense on May 10 thanks to the full moon in Scorpio, which will illuminate an intimate sector of your chart. Scorpio is the sign of death and rebirth, so get ready for major transformations, my brave ram.

Your sex life is a major topic during this full moon, and a major climax (the pun is absolutely intended) in your intimate relationships will be reached. Are you finding emotional and physical satisfaction with your lovers—and alone? Orgasm is one of the most powerful tools available to a witch in her spiritual practice—are you getting in touch with yourself in this way?

Scorpio's energy is about cutting through small talk and getting real about serious shit, so expect to have intense conversations with your partners. Issues of trust will come up—but through these confrontations, there's opportunity to forge compromise and deeper connection!

Your sex life is a major topic during this full moon, and a major climax (the pun is absolutely intended) in your intimate relationships will be reached.

Issues like money, especially tricky financial issues like taxes, debts, and even inheritances, will also come up during this full moon. This is a wonderful time to pay back money you owe—or take out to lunch someone who's been there for you.

This is a profound full moon for facing difficult transitions. If you're mourning the loss of someone, or going through an extreme change in circumstances, the regenerating energy of the full moon in Scorpio will hold you as you transform into who you're mean to be. Endings are taking place—but so are powerful new beginnings.


Your intuitive powers are especially perceptive under this full moon, so listen to your inner voice—it knows how to guide you. This is the time to work any kind of magic—whether you're casting a money spell, banishing bad vibes from your life, or working a love charm. Your powers of manifestation are strong.

Messenger planet Mercury enters Taurus on May 15, or May 16, depending on your time zone, stimulating that financial sector of your chart. Issues and conversations from mid-April, especially concerning cash or your emotional self-worth, will pop up again. Taking care of business will be easier now that Mercury is direct!

On May 19, Venus (in your sign!) opposes lucky planet Jupiter, in Libra, the sign opposite you on the zodiac wheel. This is an exciting day in your relationships (romantic and platonic!) and for meeting new people, but be careful, because the vibe will be overindulgent.

Endings are taking place—but so are powerful new beginnings.

Having sweet Venus in your sign has inspired you to feel super cute about yourself—which, after having Venus retrograde earlier this spring (March 5 through April 15), is a welcome change. Take plenty of selfies and show the haters what a fantastic bitch you are!

The Sun enters intellectual Air sign Gemini on May 20, activating the communication sector of your chart—expect news to come your way! This is also a fantastic time to reconnect with your siblings (Gemini is the sign of the twins) and explore your neighborhood.


The new moon in Gemini, on May 25, brings plenty of information your way and could be a fun time to take a weekend trip; however, Venus will clash with the lord of the underworld, Pluto, in Capricorn, creating an intense atmosphere.

Pluto is activating the fame and fortune sector of your chart, which means you've been determined to (some would say, even obsessed with) conquer your career goals and gain greater visibility in the world. Pluto's energy is tricky to work with—on a bad day, Pluto is shady and manipulative, but on a good day, Pluto does its job as the planet of death and rebirth—creates transformation, and, in your case, that means success.

Jealousy and obsession are in the air; people are acting manipulatively and out of insecurity.

Even when you feel like crap about yourself, dear ram, you always find a way to make things happen in your life. You're not afraid to reach for your dreams. You believe in yourself—which is something that other people can be envious of. Why do they think they're so great? some assholes ask themselves as they watch you do some cool shit that everyone else is too insecure to try. If any of your friends are that asshole, you will see their true colors during this new moon thanks to this clash between Venus and Pluto.

Relationships that have been built on shaky ground will be tested. Best-case scenario, some drama will stir up and propel you even further into the spotlight, but be careful around your frenemies, Aries. Jealousy and obsession are in the air; people are acting manipulatively and out of insecurity.

Your ruling planet, Mars, is in Gemini, and on May 28, West Coast, May 29, East Coast, it will oppose Saturn in fellow Fire sign Sagittarius. If you're traveling, today will be especially annoying. Are you in school, working on a paper, or publishing something? Don't expect it to go smoothly.

You'll be frustrated by obstacles to communication. Save an important conversation for another time. Find productive ways to deal with pent-up anger you may experience. The pace will feel infuriatingly slow, which is basically an Aries's worst nightmare.

The pace picks up soon! The month wraps up with your ruling planet, Mars, making a harmonious connection to electric Uranus (which is in your sign!) on May 30, speeding things along after the speed bump which was Mars opposite Saturn. You're coming up with brilliant work-arounds for whatever's been in your way.

An unexpected conversation will likely pop up, and you'll surprise yourself with what you'll end up sharing! Good luck this month, Aries, and see you in June!