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Washed Out is Back, and Actually a Little Less Chill, with "Get Lost"

The next stage in the chillwave evolution.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

Did you hear something stirring this morning as you woke? Something brushing through the leaves of the trees outside your window, like wind but more chill? That was the sound of chillwave baby, rippling back through the air and into your ears to make you feel extremely relaxed. It has returned in the shape of a new song—"Get Lost"—from the originator of the form, Washed Out.

Washed Out in 2017 sounds a little different than it did on its last outing in 2013 (for LP Paracosm). If "Get Lost" is a good indicator, it's a little rowdier now (dig that piano house-y piano?); the sort of music you listen to the night before, rather than the morning after soundtrack that Washed Out has previously provided. But thankfully, Ernest Green's lazy vocals are ever-present, grounding the project in its always-chill foundations. Chillwave never left, it just evolved.

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(Image via Wikimedia Commons)