New York Cop Drains Ridiculous Three Over the Fence

More important: listen to the kid trying to get him to engage in some illegal sports betting.
May 27, 2017, 9:07pm

I see you out there, all you fuck-the-policers. I know where you're coming from. You hear about a cop draining a three, and think: is this supposed to imbue me with good will toward our nation's militarized police force? It shouldn't. But hey, this cop is out there trying to connect with the community, so this particular instance is better than well, anything else they do, right?

Let's just forget our prison-industrial complex for a second and take a look at what Officer James has up his badged sleeve, huh?

Damn, that's a long bomb (see: reference to militarized police force above)—over the fence, nonetheless. That's like the New York streets equivalent of Steph's pre-game tunnel three. It's fucking sick.

But perhaps what's most impressive is the kid in the background of this video, trying to get the officer to engage in some illegal sports betting, "You miss, you give me a dollar." Trying to trap a cop on video so you can extort him for even more money later? That's some Bronx hustle right there.

[h/t @NYPDnews]