'We Can Rip Just as Hard': Photos of Young Skater Girls Doing Their Thing
All photos by Nicholas Green

'We Can Rip Just as Hard': Photos of Young Skater Girls Doing Their Thing

Fifty little ladies, united by their love of shredding.
December 11, 2016, 8:00pm

Since the conception of kick flips and McTwists, skateboarding has been overrun by boys. But the SheShreds crew from Tasmania in Australia aren't fazed. They're too busy pulling sweet ollies as their parents watch on—and repping at national skate competitions outside of school hours.

The group formed two years ago when founder Jared Andrews, an ex-infantry soldier, realized his daughters were the only girls in their friendship circles that skated. They told him they wished there were other girls they could skate with. Today, the crew's 50-odd members—its youngest just four-years-old—meet twice a week in Hobart to fine-tune their frontsides.


We sent local photographer Nick Green to a practise session.

"People are usually surprised that I skate—they'll ask if I roller skate, or ice skate. I tell them 'No, I'm a skateboarder.' It isn't just for boys. Girls can rip just as hard."
—Grace, 13.

"It makes me feel free."
—Clare, 12.

"The She Shreds crew are my heroes. They all inspire me in different ways. Society thinks skating is just for boys, so we need to show society that that's wrong."
—Emily, 13

"It's given me more confidence as a person."
—Emily, 13