Aquarius, February 2017


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Aquarius, February 2017

This is a big month for money and relationships, Aquarius.

Happy solar return, Aquarius! The Sun is shining in your sign (until February 18, that is, when it will enter Pisces). What will you do with all of this attention? This month's energy is creative, but expect the unexpected: We're in eclipse season, which means shocking reveals are on the menu this month.

Sweet, lovely Venus enters brash, brave Fire sign Aries on February 3, igniting the communication sector of your chart, bringing you plenty of love notes, and making your communication style even more charming and charismatic than usual.


Venus is the planet of love, money, beauty, and peace. Over the last few weeks, while Venus was in Pisces, your concerns were mostly about cash and feeling secure (both materially and financially), but now that Venus is in Aries, things will be a little lighter. You're feeling more extroverted, chatty, and interested in running around town, being seen, and meeting people.

You'll definitely have plenty to say this month: Communication planet Mercury will enter your sign on February 7. This is a big shift after having Mercury in Capricorn, which inspired you to be more reserved than usual. In fact, you've been so quiet that you're weirding your friends out! People will stop accusing you of being shady now that Mercury is shifting signs.

We're in eclipse season, which means shocking reveals are on the menu this month.

Mercury hanging out in your sign will be great for any important meetings (or dates!) you're attending because you'll feel confident in expressing yourself. Even though you're already the genius of the zodiac, your mental acuity will be even sharper thanks to logical Mercury being in your sign.

On February 9, the Sun will sextile (a helpful astrological aspect) your ruling planet Uranus, which is currently in Fire sign Aries. This will create a highly creative energy! A problem you've had a difficult time solving could suddenly become manageable. Watch out for sudden flashes of insight. This is also a day you'll want to circle in your calendar for receiving news or important information—as is February 20, when Mercury will also sextile Uranus.


As the official weirdo of the zodiac, Aquarius, you're not afraid to be different. But being different means that you need to argue with a lot of people. Standing up for what you believe in can be very emotionally and mentally exhausting, and after a year like 2016, you're just about ready to collapse—but you won't! Electric Uranus will zap some life back into you when it connects with the Sun and Mercury in your sign: Your spark will return. Practice self-care this month by being open to asking for help. You don't have to do everything alone.

The first eclipse of the year lands on February 10: a lunar eclipse in Leo. Eclipses are ultra exhausting, emotional, and turbulent—nothing is the same after an eclipse! Eclipses reveal things to us that we previously couldn't see or understand, and the perspective you gain, especially about your relationships, during this lunar eclipse in Leo will be especially profound.

Things will feel hectic, and you can bet shocking news will arrive and unexpected actions will be taken.

Things will feel hectic, and you can bet shocking news will arrive and unexpected actions will be taken—but you will feel like it's all "meant" to be happening, like it's destiny. A serious climax is about to take place in your life, so brace yourself. Again, relationship issues will be especially highlighted for you during this eclipse, so get ready to get real and face the facts about the person (or people!) you're partnering with.


Mercury will sextile (again, we like sextiles!) Venus during this eclipse, so even though there is a very unpredictable energy in the air, the atmosphere will be at least somewhat conducive for socializing, negotiating, and connecting with others in a productive way.

On February 18, the Sun leaves your sign and enters Pisces, followed by Mercury also entering Pisces on February 25. Don't be too sad that the Sun and Mercury are leaving your sign—when they enter Pisces, the sign of limitlessness, they will also be illuminating the cash and security sector of your chart. The season of the fish (that's Pisces) is phenomenal for you focusing on your wealth and stability. Expect news concerning cash to come your way soon.

On an emotional level, the next month will be deep for sorting out self-esteem issues. Pisces is emotional as hell! You're not afraid of feelings (even though everyone calls you cold and detached), but the truth is, if you feel sad or fearful for longer than however long you (arbitrarily) have decided is the "right" amount of time to be upset, you start to beat yourself up. Don't beat yourself up. It's normal to feel as sad as you need, for however long it takes to process your feelings. Find someone to talk to. Distract yourself with excellent books and movies. Eat some cake or take a jog. But don't beat yourself up for feeling feelings—love yourself and your tears during Pisces season, OK?

You're itching to break free from the status quo, and a fresh start is taking place in your life!

The solar eclipse in Pisces arrives on February 26, and once again, your ruling planet, Uranus, gets more action: It will meet with warrior planet Mars in Aries on this day, too. Eclipses bring dramatic endings—but they also open doors we never imagined unlocking. This solar eclipse in creative, psychic Water sign Pisces marks a stressful yet exciting new beginning around your finances, your sense of self-worth, and security. Do yourself a favor and cut out anyone who makes you feel like shit during this eclipse. Pisces is abundant and limitless, but isn't a sign famous for boundaries, so keep yours strong and firm during this turbulent time.

Mars meeting Uranus in Aries during this eclipse will be intense as well. Mars loves to fight and fuck, while Uranus loves shock and thunder. Aries loves anything fast and loud. Unbelievable news will arrive today, and you'll be delivering some shocking information to other people today, too. You're itching to break free from the status quo, and a fresh start is taking place in your life! Just watch out for arguments today—issues will escalate very quickly, and people are totally unpredictable today.

Eclipse season is rough, but it always brings us closer to the truth and to our next phase in life. This February, I hope you cast a money spell (I think it will manifest quickly!), and I suggest you plan dates with your BBFs and your lovers. You're feeling sensitive, and you need to be around people who love you! The eclipses will bring big changes to your relationships and to your finances, but as an inventive Aquarius, you will certainly make the best of it. See you in March!