Solange Joins Incubus Onstage, Fulfils Teenage Dream

She sang harmonies with Brandon Boyd on "Aqueous Transmission" in New Orleans last night.
August 3, 2017, 3:32pm
Photo via michaeleinziger on Instagram

Solange Knowles's affinity for super mellow lava lamp rockers Incubus—and her crush on their ever-shirtless frontman, Brandon Boyd—has been well documented. In an essay published at Teen Vogue in May, she referred back to a "Rasta-vegan-thrifter-who-is-determined-to-marry-Brandon-Boyd phase" in her past. And last year she reposted the video for her 2002 debut single, "Feelin' You," pointing out the Incubus poster hidden in the background, and admitting that she "may or may have not have written this song about Brandon Boyd."


Fifteen years on, a lot has changed. Solange's third studio LP A Seat at the Table was one of last year's best albums, while Incubus just wrapped up recording their eighth studio album with Skrillex. Solange's love for Incubus seems to have held steady, though. She joined the band at their show in New Orleans last night for a performance of their Morning View track "Aqueous Transmission" last night. The video below is shaky and the harmonies are off when Boyd and Knowles sing together, but it's all sort of beautiful in its own way.

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