The Official "MotorSport" Music Video Power Ranking

With Migos, Nicki Minaj, and Cardi B in one clip together, somebody has to stand out.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

The video for "MotorSport," one of the year's most fun link-ups has arrived, and it's a powerful thing: the Migos, Nicki Minaj, and Cardi B—all power players in the rap world, to be sure—in one five minute clip together. It's obviously motorsport themed, featuring everyone wearing variations on driving gear (not sure whoever designed Cardi's leotard was thinking of safety first), and sitting in or standing near unimaginably expensive cars. For this reason, it is extremely good.


But with all these huge names, there's bound to be some who stand out. Whose performance is most commanding? Who, I am compelled to ask, is the most powerful of all of "MotorSport"? Reader, I ranked them:

8) The concept of "less is more"

The real loser here is minimalism.

7) Takeoff

Takeoff is extremely cool but with regards to this video he does not really do very much other than sitting and looking good in a nice car. For most music videos, this would be enough. For one as tightly packed as "MotorSport" it doesn't even break the top five.

6) Offset

Offset's jacket says "OFFSET" and everyone knows that personalised clothing is a symbol of power, sorry Takeoff.

5) Cardi B and Offset's love

Cardi B and Offset have been brought together by forces in this universe that only work on behalf of pure good, and that's pretty damn powerful. Also: when was the last time you and your significant other looked this good in matching leather driving outfits? Can't wait for the real Royal Wedding.

4) Nicki Minaj

If you search for 'power' in the dictionary, Nicki Minaj's face is there instead of a definition. She's one of the most powerful people in rap, and here she ups the ante, wearing body armor which makes her look like the futuristic rap game Xena Warrior Princess.

3) Cardi motherfucking B

Cardi easily has the most dynamic verse on this track, and her performance in the video is similarly potent. From the moment she appears on screen waggling her tongue to the end of her part, where she's screaming the song's best couplet ("I'm the trap Selena / ¡Dame más gasolina! Skrrrt!") it's special and it's very powerful indeed. Give Cardi B her Grammy and go.


2) Whoever thought of the idea to call the fake energy drink in this video 'Hype'

You may argue that this joke entry comes too high but I have the world's worst sense of humor and this made me laugh aloud so unfortunately that's how it's gonna go. Nobody said this was a republic.

1) Quavo

There could only ever be one. Quavo's the backbone of "MotorSport"—yes, you may have Cardi B grinding on a car, and vapes, and other electronic looking shit, but without Quavo, there is nothing. There is power in supreme chill, and that's what he brings here. Also he's the only one who got made into a kind of hologram thing and that's peak power:

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