Don’t Let Us Down, 'Vine 2'

Whatever “V2” is, we’re ready.
December 6, 2017, 7:12pm
Image: Dom Hofmann on Twitter

The only pure and good social media platform might soon get a rebirth. It looks like Vine is coming back, baby, and despite almost zero evidence suggesting that a substantial service will be coming out of this, my hopes are all the way up.

Dom Hofmann, one of the co-founders of Vine—the deeply-mourned social media platform for posting six-second videos that was taken from us too soon in 2016—tweeted last week that he was mulling the idea of launching a “follow-up to Vine.”

Today, he tweeted cryptically about it again, and he better not be jerking us around with this one.

This new version, “V2,” would be self-funded, he tweeted, but Hofmann gave few other details. In 2012, Twitter acquired Vine, before Vine even launched. Four years later, Twitter killed the app and all of the fun on the internet with it. One of Vine’s co-founders Rus Yusupov (who went on to co-create the viral and mildly dystopian app HQ Trivia with another Vine cofounder) publicly expressed regret about selling the company after Twitter killed the Vine app last year.

Now, it seems Hofmann is trying to make right a grievous wrong and restore joy to the internet. Given the identical branding and “V2” name, this seems to be just a Vine 2.0—let’s hope it’s simple a clone of the old Vine we loved, minus Twitter fucking it up.

Correction: This article originally stated Vine videos were seven seconds long. The post has been corrected.