The New 'Westworld' Trailer Introduces Us to Another Dystopian Tech Company

Season three is looking good.
screenshot via trailer

The first season of Westworld was a fascinating puzzle box, with a storytelling conceit and twist that was so brain-bleedingly complex it was hard to know what the series could possibly do for season two. Unfortunately, HBO didn't know, either. The second season was a sloppy and convoluted mess, save for a few brilliant stand-alone episodes, and it didn't particularly make anyone eager for a third. But now, Westworld has decided to do a full reset on the series with the third season, taking it out of the theme park setting, bringing in Aaron Paul, and dropping us into the larger dystopian world—and the early trailers are honestly pretty exciting.


On Saturday, HBO released a new show teaser that doubles as a fake commercial for a new tech company called Incite Inc., and it looks like things on the outside are just as bleak as inside the Westworld park.

The faux ad—which stars Inherent Vice's Jefferson Mays as the company's deeply creepy founder Liam Dempsey—is riddled with jargon like "the future is powered by you" and promises to both save the climate and improve your life with their data analysis tech which, uh, yeah, sure.

"With Incite, the only choice you'll have to make is us," Dempsey coos in the minute-long clip, before pointing us towards the official Incite Inc. website, which gives you the option to request a demo, if you were properly swayed by that terrifying commercial.

It's unclear what, exactly, Incite is or what role they'll play in the show, but Mays is a big enough actor that he will likely have a season three arc—maybe Incite is a rival to Delos? Who knows! But between this and the Aaron Paul trailers, season three might actually be good. There's no official release date yet, but the new episodes are due out sometime in 2020.

Until then, watch the Incite commercial above.