Surprisingly Cute Photos of Drunk Guys Sleeping

Youth is not forever, but photos of your drunk friends are.
Gen Ueda
Brussels, BE
Two photos from Louise Lorentz's Sleeping Beauties photo series.
All photos courtesy of Louise Lorentz.

This article originally appeared on VICE Belgium.

Like it or not, that period of your life where you can go to bed wasted at 6AM without suffering any consequences is shorter than you think. Enjoy those brief years while you can, because once they’re gone, all you have left are a bunch of blurry pictures.

Louise Lorentz, a 24-year-old photographer from Liège in Belgium, took pictures of her mates passed out after drinking and made them into a collection. While not a completely original concept, her series Sleeping Beauties offers unpretentious and sincere portraits of a precious and fleeting era.

Young guy wearing a cap passed out on a large armchair.

VICE: Hi, Louise. How did you start this project?
Louise Lorentz: I used to throw a lot of parties and would instinctively take photos of my friends after they’d passed out, just because it made me laugh. They even managed to look cute, the bastards! I collected lots of these shots and realised that they weren't bad, so I decided to make a series out of them. It was quite fun to keep those moments alive.

What do your friends think of these pictures?
Some of them find them funny, others don't really like to see themselves like that. Most just wonder how they got there and what state they were in. What I like the most are the anecdotes that go with the pictures and what we remember.

What’s the weirdest thing you remember?
It’s impossible to choose! But on the topic of sleep, four or five years ago we went to FCKNYE Festival in Molenbeek [a neighbourhood in Brussels] and lost one of our friends at some point. He still doesn't know what happened, but he woke up the next morning locked in one of the cabins where they sold the drink tickets.

Four guys passed out on top of each other on inflatble mattrasses.

Do you have a favourite photo from the series?
That’s not easy. I’d say probably the one with the four guys practically asleep on top of each other on inflatable mattresses. It's crazy how falling asleep drunk can change your notion of personal comfort. It’s the magic of the moment – who will fall asleep? Where? In what position? With whom?


What was your biggest challenge?
That I was also drunk! It was hard to shoot in focus.

A guy passed out lying on his belly with a cat sitting on his back.

Party pictures often aren’t quite as touching as yours are.
We usually take pictures of our friends on nights out when they’re doing something funny, idiotic or dangerous – I have a lot of those, too. But what’s interesting is the contrast between these moments of madness and the rest. These pictures are quite calm. In fact, it’s often the people who give it their all early in the evening and run out of steam who are in my shots.

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A girl passed out in foetal position on the grass at a camping site.
A guy passed out face down on the floor while typing on his laptop and doing a video call.
A guy resting his head on a couch arm and sleeping in foetal position.
Two people sleeping on their bellies on top of each other inside a tent.
Two guys sleeping on a couch and leaning on each other.
A guy passed on on a couch with "Zizi" (French for penis) written on his forhead.
A guy sleeping with his head out of his tent.
A guy passed out on a couch, wearing his hoodie on his face and balancing three beer bottles on his head as a friend poses behind him.
Shirtless guy passed out on a mattrass with his arms open wide and a pair of female panties on the floor.
guy sleeping in foetal position with his cat next to him in bed.