Additive Manufacturing Is Transforming How Engineers Are Approaching Design

Uncovering geometric shapes and patterns that once seemed implausible, this new technology will radically change the look and feel of our vehicles.
April 3, 2018, 1:00pm

FLUX is a new series that explores technological innovations in mobility and how they will affect our roads, our cities and our relationship to both.

Blurring the lines between science fiction and reality, advances in additive manufacturing are bringing us closer to the worlds that have long been depicted as fantasies. In the fifth episode of FLUX, host Anthony Morgan discovers how molecular engineers are digitizing the physical world and creating complex designs that can be printed in seconds. Speaking with experts Professor Fiona Zhao of McGill University and Francesco Iorio, Director of Computational Science Research at Autodesk, we look at how additive manufacturing will change not only the shape of our materials, but also how we get around.