"He is perfect": A history of the Trump-Macron bromance

“I like him. He’s a friend of mine. Emmanuel!"

French President Emmanuel Macron and U.S. President Donald Trump put their famous friendship to the test this week when Macron came to the White House for the first official state visit of Trump's administration.

Trump and Macron have grown increasingly close over the last year. Following Trump’s July visit to France, the U.S. president said of his French counterpart: “I like him. He’s a friend of mine. Emmanuel! He’s a great guy, his wife is fantastic. I like him a lot.”

Still, the two leaders disagree on major issues, like climate and foreign policy. Macron, who's criticized Trump’s stance on the Paris Climate Accord in the past, brought a young European sessile oak as a gift during his state visit. The two presidents posed for a photo op as they planted the tree in the White House lawn with their wives.

Despite the tensions, Trump and Macron continued their bromance — or at least the appearance of one. The two greeted each other with a European-style kiss, and at one point Trump brushed some dandruff off Macron's lapel. "We have to make him perfect," Trump said. "He is perfect."