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Gucci Mane Offers $1 Million for a Rich Homie Quan / Young Thug Reunion

Thugger refused. I, however, will lend Guwop my fake Gucci cigarette case for a day if he PayPals me $400.

Back in 2014, Young Thug and Rich Homie Quan were friends and collaborators, two rappers destined to restore our faith in the world. As permanent fixtures in the Birdman-helmed, superstar-studded Rich Gang, they convinced us that they would coax rap music into the future. They were fixtures on our favorite album of 2014. Quan alone was so powerful that he may have been holding the fabric of the universe together. And then, like America itself, the seams started to show—Quan and Thugger went their separate ways, traded onstage barbs, and never reconciled on record.


Gucci Mane wants to change that. This morning, he tweeted out an offer: $1 million for the duo to reunite for a 12-track project at Polar Bear Studios, a possibly mythical place.

Young Thug responded soon after, turning the offer down.

I respect that. Offers are there to be considered on their own merits—Young Thug is rich. And the last time Rich Homie Quan decided to stop going in, the country fell into barbarism. Let us not distract these men from their missions. Everything is fine.

But nobody responded to me when I stole Vince Staples's idea and asked for $2 million the other week. My Venmo account remained empty. No PayPal notifications. I'll take it as a compliment—you did not want me to shut up, fade away, stop blogging. Thank you.

But Gucci Mane could maybe send me, like, $400? I'm going for dim sum later, and I'd like to order an extra round of Vietnamese spring rolls for my friends. (They're the best thing on the menu, by the way—fight me.) In return, I'll let him borrow the (extremely fake) Gucci cigarette case and matching lighter that I found in my garage recently.

Send Alex Robert Ross $400 on Twitter.