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Of Course Sleep Is Releasing Their First Album in Over a Decade on 4/20

An iTunes listing reveals that the stoner metal legends' new album, 'The Sciences,' will be out tomorrow on Jack White's Third Man Records label.
Photo by Josh Brasted/Getty Images

The last time stoner metal overlords Sleep released an album, it was Dopesmoker, an hour-long, one-song record so monolithic in its embrace of fuzz distortion, low-tuned riffs, and weed worship that the band's record company refused to release it in its completed form in the mid-90s. That album's full glory was eventually unveiled in 2003, but by then Sleep had broken up and its members were in the middle of pursuing their love of sludge in projects like High on Fire and Om. The band reunited sporadically throughout this decade, but a stray iTunes listing has revealed that they'll be giving us new music from the Weedian realms on 4/20.


According to the iTunes Store listing, the band's surprise new album is called The Sciences and is out via Jack White's Third Man Records label. This seems odd at first, but remember that White does love his fuzz pedals, same as Sleep. I suppose if you live in New Zealand, the album is already out for you, but the rest of the world will have to suffice with brief previews of what will likely be lengthy songs. It's a special kind of beauty that maybe the definitive stoner metal band is actually dropping their first album in over a decade (technically, more than two decades) on the Weed Day. Check out snippets of The Sciences (or the full album, depending on where you live) below, as well as the objectively perfect album art.

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