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T.I. Says Kanye West Had No Idea About Donald Trump's Travel Ban

On 'The Breakfast Club' this morning, the rapper discussed his recent interactions with West.

T.I. visited The Breakfast Club on Wednesday, sitting down with DJ Envy, Angela Yee, and Charlamagne the God for a lengthy interview. It took around eight minutes before the conversation turned to Kanye West. Charlamagne, whose two-hour-long interview with West went up yesterday afternoon, asked most of the questions; T.I. did his best to explain what it's like to interact with Kanye West in 2018.

Describing his first visit to West's Calabasas compound, T.I. said that he was intent on getting answers. "'I'm sure you have a very logical explanation to all this,'" he recalled telling West. "'What's happening? What's the punchline?[…] I'm sure you've got something that's going to make all this make sense in my head, I've just got to hear it. So let's hear it.'"


West's response apparently echoed many of his recent tweets: "And he says: 'Man… just being a free thinker, man[…] I just feel free to think whatever it is my mind leads me to think without some monolithic view of what society wants me to think."

T.I says he pressed West on a controversial picture, uploaded to Twitter last week, that showed the rapper wearing a Make America Great Again hat. The back-and-forth seemed to frustrate T.I., even now. "[West said], 'Man, my subconscious spoke to my conscious and it just moved me to wear the hat.' I'm like, 'You know what the hat represent?' He's like, 'Not when I wear it.'"

The Atlanta-born rapper seemed infuriated as he recounted a later conversation with West about the hat. "We had him at a point where he was like, 'Well maybe I should just change something on the hat and make it my own.' I said, 'Yes! Yes! That's exactly what you should do! That's it!' But then he said, 'No, no, no, that wouldn't prove my point.'"

T.I. went onto explain that West had no idea about one of Trump's most aggressively racist policies: "I said, 'Hey man, so how do you feel about the travel ban?' And he said, 'What's the travel ban?'"

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