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Permanently Temporary: The Truth About Temp Labor (Part 1 of 5)

VICE News traveled across the country in search of the people who make our world of same day delivery possible.
March 10, 2014, 10:32pm

Temp labor is one of the fastest growing industries in the US. Increasingly, temp workers are part of a business strategy to keep costs down and profits high. From mega-retailers to mom-and-pop shops, temps are hired to do some of the hardest and most dangerous jobs. While more and more of the American workforce is comprised of temporary workers, they're largely hidden from public view. Many of these workers stay silent, often having their livelihoods threatened if they speak out. Wanting to get a glimpse of this invisible workforce, VICE News traveled across the country, scouring warehouses, temp agencies, and temp towns in search of the people, who make our world of same day delivery possible.


This story was developed in collaboration with reporting by Propublica

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