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Video Emerges of Teen Rescued Days After Nepal Earthquake as Another Woman Is Saved After 5 Days

The teenager reportedly survived by eating two containers of butter and drinking water off of wet clothes for several days.
Image via Samarpan Rastra Ka Lagi/ YouTube

Hundreds of residents in Kathmandu cheered as rescue workers pulled a Nepali teen from the rubble of a multi-story building in the capital city on Thursday, providing a rare moment of hope and joy five days after the massive earthquake devastated the country and left thousands dead. On Thursday, another rescue took place of a woman in her 20s elsewhere in Kathmandu, according to reports.

The teenage boy, who has been named Pemba Tamang and Pemba Lama and between 15 to 18-years-old in various media reports, reportedly survived by eating two containers of butter and drinking water off of wet clothes for several days.


Rescue workers spent hours digging away at the rubble in order to free the teen. In video that emerged of his rescue, Pemba is shown responsive in his blue neck brace, looking up into the sunlight as rescue workers proceeded to give him an IV drip.

"When the quake came, I got hit on my chin and when I tried to come out, I was trapped. I was on the ground only. We were eating while the earthquake came," Pemba told reporters at a nearby field hospital.

Libby Weiss, from an Israeli military-run medical center, told reporters that Pemba's rescue was a "miracle" and that he did not have any major injuries.

"I don't have any logical explanation. It is miraculous. It is a wonderful thing to see in all this destruction," she told AFP. "He was under the rubble for 120 hours and it is certainly the longest we have heard anybody of being under the rubble and surviving."

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The rescued woman, identified only as Krishna, was a maid in a Kathmandu hostel, according to the BBC. Krishna was buried in the debris, along with the bodies of three people, one of which was her uncle. Workers reportedly had to remove a body before the rescue teams from Norway, Israel, and France could save her.

This week, photos surfaced of the rescue of a four-month old baby, along with the rescue of an 11-year-old girl who had been buried in the 7.8 magnitude quake that devastated the country on Saturday.

The death toll from the earthquake has now exceeded 5,500, according to officials. Prime Minister Sushil Koirala has said that the number of victims could potentially reach 10,000.

Intense criticism is being directed at Nepal's government for its inability to cope with the needs of victims. Many more residents could be trapped in the debris, and chances of rescuing them remain slim, particularly in hard-hit rural areas. Relief trucks have had a difficult time entering the area, as roadsides have been blocked by landslides set off by the earthquake. Helicopters have also been delayed because of rainfall.

According to the UN, more than 8 million people have been affected by the earthquake, and at least 11,000 have been injured. Two million people are living in areas that were severely hit, and are now lacking basic necessities, such as water and food.

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