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On The Line: Nilo Tabrizy Discusses California’s Drought

VICE News journalist Nilo Tabrizy joined On The Line to discuss California’s drought and her documentary about it, "Race To The Bottom."

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VICE News journalist Nilo Tabrizy joined On The Line to discuss California's drought, and her documentary, "Race To The Bottom."

In California, protracted drought has caused surface water sources such as reservoirs, rivers, and streams to dry up. The state enacted mandatory water conservation rules in early April for the first time in the its history. But the agriculture industry — which consumes 80 percent of the state's water — was exempt from the new restrictions.


VICE News went to California to witness the proliferation of water-intensive crops, and to find out why the industry that consumes the overwhelming majority of the state's water has continued to operate during the historic drought.

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