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Mac DeMarco's New VR Video Is a Nightmarish 'Super Mario 64' Odyssey

*hits blunt* Dude, is this vaporwave?

The primitive 3D graphics of the Playstation/N64 console generation meant that even the most unassuming game could abruptly descend into moments of computer body horror as characters clipped into objects and their models contorted into grotesque vertices. Mac DeMarco is no stranger to the weirdness of nostalgia, and he's exploring it in his new video for "This Old Dog," directed by multimedia artist Rachel Rossin.


The song already had a strange, vaguely unsettling video, but this one isn't only much stranger, it's in 360 and VR. If you so please, you can fully immerse yourself in a world of intentionally shitty untextured polygons, with your guide being an equally crude CGI pug with Mac DeMarco grafted into its head. The result taps into the same hilarious but terrifying atmosphere of Cool 3D World's work, so prepare as you see fit and watch the "This Old Dog" video above.

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