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Adidas Has Released a Special Beer- and Barf-Repellent Shoe for Oktoberfest

The brown leather shoes have a DPBR coating, which is an acronym for “durable puke and beer repellent.”
Billede via Adidas

Most of us have probably been to an Oktoberfest, whether it's the official one in Munich or a local version, where you're forced to make conversation with your accountant while he wears a pair of ill-fitting lederhosen. Regardless of where you've attended, the dangers of Oktoberfest are both international and universal; it attracts amateur drinkers who don't keep track of how many giant steins they've emptied, so you're always at risk for wearing a stranger's beer spills or barf spray. Thankfully, Adidas has addressed these concerns, ensuring that you'll stay dry and unstained, at least from your toes to your lower ankles.


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The German sneaker giant has released the München limited edition shoe, which was literally designed with both the positive and negative traditions of Oktoberfest in mind. "The majority of visitors are wearing dirndl and lederhosen with traditional shoes, singing and dancing upon tables and enjoying the cool atmosphere," German retailer 43einhalb writes. "For those who do not want to give up on their beloved sneakers, adidas Originals has now created the perfect sneakers for the Oktoberfest."

The €199.95 ($237.50) shoe has an assortment of details that pay homage to the annual Bavarian festival, including embroidery on the heel that mimics that found on lederhosen, a red-and-white checked interior to match the traditional tablecloths and a golden 'PROST'—'CHEERS,' in German—stitched on the side. But, most importantly, the brown leather shoes have a DPBR coating, which 43einhalb says is an acronym for "durable puke and beer repellent."

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Even though last year's attendance dropped from one million to around 500,000, that's still 500,000 opportunities for a stranger to slosh… something on your lower body. According to the Oktoberfest organizers, an estimated 6 million liters of beer will be sold during the festival. Yeah, these shoes are probably long overdue.