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'Peegasms' Have Gone Mainstream

The pee-based orgasm has made it all the way from Reddit to Teen Vogue.
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It all started on Reddit. A thread appeared a little over seven months ago with the title: “Ladies, do any of you get mini orgasms from peeing after holding it in?” And just from that, you get a pretty good idea of what a "peegasm" is. But the post continued…

“My girlfriend recently told me if she's had to hold her pee in for a while, when she actually goes to pee, she often has orgasms that she feels all the way up her spine to her head,” explained the user, who called themselves the The Catfish Manatee. "If she does 'reverse kegels' while peeing, they're even more likely to happen. She said these orgasms sometimes leave her lightheaded and off balance, and are pretty different from her clit or vaginal orgasms. Apart from being super jealous, I was curious if anyone else has had this sort of thing happen?”


And apparently lots of people had.

“I can do it by letting go for a split second and holding it in. It feels so good that I start tearing up. Then, when I finally do go pee, I get these delicious full body shivers,” replied one user.

Another user says they couldn't make peegasms happen on command, and described them as “a beautiful accident.” Writing: “it normally helps if I’ve been a little horny to begin with and holding it for long periods of time.”

And now, several months later, the term "peegasm" has started to trend on Twitter. Teen Vogue, Cosmopolitan, The New York Post, and even Australia’s very own Sunshine Coast Daily have all written articles—usually with stern health warnings from urologists.

"Bladders need to be treated with respect," Dr Charlotte Elder, a gynaecologist and spokesman for The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, told "It's important to go when you need to go, not when you're busting,"

According to Dr Elder, holding back from peeing is bad for internal organs and can lead to urinary tract infections. “There are more practical and more pleasurable ways to have an orgasm,” she offered. “My advice is to try something a bit more old-fashioned.”

She also claimed it was no great miracle that a full bladder can provoke orgasm. As she told Whimn, “a full bladder while you’re asleep will stimulate your pelvic floor nerves a bit which makes you more likely to have a sexy dream which can trigger an orgasm while you’re asleep.”

So there you go. If you’re bored and horny, just don’t pee for a while. It’s not healthy, but it’s a thing, and lots of people are doing it, apparently.