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Rami Malek Is a Damn Champion in the New Trailer for His Freddie Mercury Biopic

The trailers for the new Queen biopic, 'Bohemian Rhapsody,' just keep getting better.
Queens, US

Back in May we got the first sneak peek of Rami Malek as Freddie Mercury, leading member of the legendary band, Queen. Not only is the Mr. Robot actor's British accent pretty decent, he's seems to be channeling Mercury's exuberant lifestyle to the best of his ability. Like the last trailer, this new two-minute look at the film inspires some of the same borderline-campy drama that the band itself always did—darting between music business travails and the genesis of some of the band's immortal hits. (Who knew that "We Will Rock You" came about because Brian May wanted the audience to be able to "perform" alongside the band? Maybe you did, you giant nerd.) In between all the rock mythmaking hinted at in the trailer, there's also a two minute mashup/mini-mix of the group's best known tracks, which raises the stakes a fair bit—there's never been a band more suited for the quick-cutting drama of a movie trailer than Queen. Ben Hardy, Joseph Mazzello, and Gwilym Lee co-star alongside Malek, taking a deep dive on the band's claim to fame.


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