City Girls' "In My Feelings" Remix Might Be Better Than Drake's Version

Yung Miami and JT have turned "In My Feelings" into something closer to City Girls feat Drake. It's what we deserve. #FREEJT
August 10, 2018, 1:27am

The brief few seconds on Drake's "In My Feelings" that feature City Girls are perfect. "In My Feelings" is a very good song, but would it be any good without City Girls? Probably not! So it's fortunate that City Girls have today released their very own remix of "In My Feelings", which features full verses from the Miami duo. The increased amount of City Girl on this version of "In My Feelings" places it closer to something like City Girls feat Drake, which is basically the perfect City Girls-to-Drake ratio. Please, listen below.

City Girls' JT recently began a two year jail sentence for fraud charges, which is upsetting in general but deeply saddening considering City Girls' ascendance over the past couple of months. #FREEJT

This article originally appeared on Noisey AU.