Kiki Challenge

#KikiChallenge is Dead. Long Live #KikiChallenge

Baba Sehgal just lasered Drake into oblivion.
Desi kiki. Image: Baba Sehgal YouTube

Some will read the following as praise, others as a warning. Go with God.

#KikiChallenge, the human equivalent of “So you think you can look stupider?”, ended today. It was a good run.

We had an aunty trying it with black sunglasses, of course while also stopping traffic.

We had comedians slide in more Delhi-Is-Creepy-For-All-Kikis jokes.

Even #punjabishwag was thwarted by IQ. Again.

We also got #farmerkiki, approved by none other than Vivek Oberoi of “I once kissed Aishwarya Rai” fame.


But now, it’s all over. A+ human and the physical manifestation of Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Cool’ necklace from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Baba Sehgal just ended the #kikichallenge with his faux cover of the Drake single. The lyrics are pure #baba, who is weirdly angry at his girl, but only because of the contents of his chai, and over wanting to pay and buy his own vest, but instead gets a free one courtesy his girlfriend.

It’s post-post-post-modern, a perfect post-mortem of the artist formerly known as Drizzy Drake.

Enjoy Baba in his fullness.