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Stop the Presses: The Gallagher Brothers are Friends Again

The world's greatest music beef is dead (probably to be resurrected around February).
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB
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In the greatest act of public peacemaking to happen since armistice was achieved to end World War I on 11 November 1918, Liam Gallagher has announced that he and his brother / Twitter punchbag Noel are "all good again." As a keen follower of the Gallagher beef (also known as the only music beef where 'potato' is the highest insult) I don't know how to feel. I am gladdened, on one hand, that these brothers have been reunited for Christmas. But on the other, I feel as though I am suffering a great loss. This has been the world's greatest music beef; a defining beef for our time.


Yesterday, LG himself tweeted "I wanna say Happy Xmas to team NG it's been a great year thanks for everything looking forward to seeing you tmorrow AS YOU WERE LG x". Obviously fans soon picked up on those initials, and when probed by a fan, Liam noted that Noel had "reached out" and that they were "all good again."

Thus, at 7:09PM GMT on Tuesday 19 December, an era ended. It was an era defined by "potato" (and by onstage potato peeling); by insults about Gorillaz; by calling Damon Albarn "that gobshite out of Blur." And even though it is over (although I have a feeling it'll probably be dug back up, ooh, as soon as the turkey's out of the oven), we can look back on the good times, and we can smile at our halcyon days reading Liam Gallagher tweets out loud to our housemates. What times they were.

The Gallagher brothers' beef is dead. Long live the Gallagher brothers' beef.

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