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Either Steve Lacy Has a Weird New Song or Somebody Needs to Call Spotify

A new track "98s" has appeared on his page on the streaming site, but is it even him?
Image from 'Steve Lacy's Demo'

It's not unusual for artists to take a change of direction. Case in point: Taylor Swift's slow move to weird trap-pop after beginning her career as America's country sweetheart; Skrillex's smooth transition from From First To Last-fronting emo scene king to EDM ringleader. It happens.

So that's why we approached the new track on the Spotify page of Steve Lacy – the 19 year old wonderkid who you might know from The Internet, or from his production on Kendrick's DAMN., or from his own extremely good output – with caution. It's certainly possible he's pivoted to the weird guitar-y not-quite-trap showcased on "98s," the song that has recently mysteriously appeared on his page, but, realistically, he probably hasn't. Stand down, fans.

Case in point: Lacy hasn't posted on social media about the track, and this isn't the first time that suspect shit has gone down on online music services. Remember when Spotify got into hot water over supposedly hosting fake artists on their playlists? Or the time back in 2009 when a fake Drake album showed up on iTunes? It seems like this is probably that – or there's another Steve Lacy muscling into town, claiming the name for his own.

Who knows? Could be either, really. Maybe this is just a really forward thinking way to do a surprise drop. And if it is, aye – Steve, come back on through with some more corduroy jams.

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