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The Mooch Is Threatening to Sue a College Kid Who Called Him 'Unethical'

The former White House spokesman is apparently pretty pissed about a pair of 'Tufts Daily' op-eds.
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Tufts University has postponed an event featuring short-lived White House spokesman and colorful conversationalist Anthony Scaramucci after the Mooch threatened to sue his alma mater's paper over a negative article about him, the Boston Globe reports.

The article was written by 26-year-old Tufts grad student Camilo Caballero, who argued that Scaramucci should be removed from his spot on Tufts' Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy advisory board, which Scaramucci has held since 2016.


In a pair of Tufts Daily op-eds published earlier this month, Caballero called Scaramucci "irresponsible, inconsistent, [and] an unethical opportunist" who "sold his soul in contradiction to his own purported beliefs" and will "diminish the values" of Tufts by remaining on the board.

Along with the articles, Caballero and nearly 250 other present and former students and staff signed a petition to boot the Mooch.

Scaramucci responded this weekend with a letter from his lawyer, demanding that Caballero and the Daily issue a retraction and an apology immediately.

"Neither Mr. Caballero nor the Tufts Daily can credibly hide behind shield of opinion, because the Article plainly presents as fact alleged Scaramucci conduct as unethical and dishonest," the letter reads. "The Article's allegations are not presented as opinion but rather as false facts."

If the Daily doesn't apologize and retract the statements, Scaramucci "will be forced to take further legal action," the letter concluded.

Instead of saying a tearful sorry, Daily published the cease-and-desist letter online and in print, and Tufts subsequently postponed Scaramucci's scheduled speech at the university on Monday until the "legal action" is resolved, Tufts spokesman Patrick Collins told the Globe.

"We're disappointed that Mr. Scaramucci has taken this action," Collins said.

It looks like the Mooch is feeling pretty disappointed, too. "I’m shocked that a university that I love and have been a part of for 35 years is silencing that debate because of my request for an apology," he said in an interview with the Globe Sunday.

It's unclear whether Tufts will ultimately remove Scaramucci from his position on the advisory board, but if he is, at least it would give him more time to work on his own journalistic aspirations.