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Who You Should Hook Up with This Cuffing Season, According to Astrology

Whether you're looking for kinky sex or someone to share your deepest, darkest secrets with, there's a sign out there for everybody this cuffing season.
Who You Should Hook Up with This Cuffing Season, According to Astrology

I've been drinking hot coffee for two days in a row, which is to say, it’s officially cuffing season!!

Maybe you find that terrifying, or maybe after a summer of less-than-satisfying hookups, you’re thrilled that people will take your affection more seriously (kind of!). Either way, cuffing season is upon us. You can choose to ignore it: like Valentine’s Day, I’m sure capitalism is somehow involved in the proliferation of cuffing season; finding a significant other requires leaving your house; sometimes having another person in your bed while you stuff your face with fast food makes you rethink that last mozzarella stick. I get it.


But sometimes, that person picks up two orders of mozzarella sticks and brings them to you in bed. If you want a lover this impending cuffing season, and you want to find one efficiently (it’s cold out there!), our staff astrologer Annabel Gat has helped narrow down the pool based on your needs. Annabel says that sun sign compatibility is a fun place to start, but it's more important to know a person's full birth chart to get down to the nitty gritty of compatibility-related astrology. That's why she thinks it's more helpful to read what each sign offers as a cuffing partner, instead of giving a prescriptive love match based on only one of your signs.

With Venus retrograde beginning on October 5, here are the signs you should go for this cuffing season—whether you want kinky, no-strings-attached sex, or a lover to discuss your deepest, darkest secrets.


If you’re looking for someone to spoil you, wine and dine you, and give you their undivided attention, Annabel suggests finding yourself a Libra—but only if you’re willing to take a risk. "Libras could swing either way here: they might feel totally frugal while their ruling planet retrogrades, afraid to spend anything, or they might say fuck it and spend it all!" You won’t know until you try, but if it’s any consolation, cuffing season is just getting started and you have all the time in the world.


If you want to explore your kinks this cuffing season, you’d do well to find yourself a Scorpio. "Venus is retrograde in Scorpio, the sign of intimacy," says Annabel. As a result, Scorpios are eager to learn more about untapped pleasures. But be warned—according to Annabel, "Scorpio is a sign that has no qualms about revenge," so if you’re looking for lots of kink and little drama, Aries are also looking to explore new sex territory this cuffing season, and might be a better match for you.



If you’re looking for a friend with benefits, look no further than Sagittarius. "Sag is especially horny after this full moon in Aries!" says Annabel. But, "never try to tie down a centaur. Be their best friend, and a relationship will bloom if it’s right." You may have to work your way up to the "benefits" part, but this cuffing season, you could find a long-lasting friend in Sag—and maybe someone to hookup with, too!


It may be getting cold outside, but for some people, that’s all the more reason to be in the elements. If you’re looking for a partner, hookup buddy, friend with benefits, or whoever will relish in the great outdoors with you, consider hitting up some Caps—they’re an earth sign, after all. "Capricorn is eager to explore new places—and meet new people," says Annabel. "Big shifts are taking place in their social life." It’ll be refreshing to surround yourself with someone who isn’t miserably pessimistic when the weather turns cold.


It’s easy to lose motivation when sleeping under a pile of blankets forever sounds better than, well, everything. If you want someone who will inspire you to not abandon your creative or professional pursuits just because it’s getting cold outside, go for an Aquarius! "Aquarius is in a deep zone right now around figuring out what they want their career to look like," says Annabel. "If you’re working out your career trajectory, too, this could be a helpful sign to couple up with." Aquarians like being cozy, so they get it, but they’re too motivated this cuffing season to stay in bed!



If you’re looking for a potential lover to go on meaningful adventures with this cuffing season, ask a Pisces! Whether that means apple picking in Connecticut or spending a month in a new country, "Pisces is definitely up for the adventure," says Annabel. Pisces are also re-examining their belief systems this cuffing season, so be prepared to get to know them very well over some intense, existential pillow talk. Sexy!


If you’re looking for someone who will respect, and possibly join, your journey towards spiritual growth and healing, go for an Aries. "Aries is having a total spiritual awakening right now, learning to release the past and transform," says Annabel. Because they’re in the midst of figuring themselves out as well, they’ll be more than willing to entertain your existential questions and crises—they get it! May you find the Aries that will discuss the meaning of life with you until 4 AM this cuffing season.


If you’re gearing up to hibernate all winter, but don’t want to do it alone, it’s no surprise that you should be looking for a Taurus to snuggle. Notorious hedonists, Tauruses love being surrounded by fuzzy blankets and enough takeout to feed a village. But if you plan on only leaving your house when absolutely necessary this cuffing season, you’re probably a Taurus yourself. You may not want another incredibly stubborn bull under your roof, in which case go for a Leo. "Leos are also craving cozy comfort at this time!" says Annabel.



If you’re focused on self-care this cuffing season, but don’t necessarily want to be by yourself, call up your Gemini flames (or find a new one)! "Geminis are also a good sign to hookup with now, as engaging in daily self-care practices is something they’re focusing on," says Annabel. Nightly skin care routines can be long and lonely, but they don’t have to be! People often imitate their lovers which can be cool or infuriating, but if imitating your new Gemini lover means exfoliating a bit more, who’s mad at that?


If you’re looking for a no-strings-attached hookup, consider hitting up a Cancer this cuffing season. "Cancers are really itching for freedom in their social life, aching to meet new people," says Annabel. "And with Venus retrograde in fellow water Scorpio, they’re reconsidering what they want from their love life and what they want dating to look like, so something no strings attached is perfect for them—unless they are really craving a relationship to help keep them grounded." Like all signs, not all Cancers want the same thing. Don’t expect someone to be down for something low commitment just because they’re a Cancer, but you can definitely ask!


As Annabel mentioned, Leos want to be comfortable this cuffing season, but that means more than having an abundant supply of soft pajama robes. Leos can push people away with their tendency to talk so much about themselves, but they may just be ready to let someone else in and find comfort in a partner—so long as that partner can give them ample attention. Go for a Leo if you’d rather go with the flow than take on the planning in a relationship, because your Leo lover will always choose where you two are going for dinner.


If you’re looking for an empathetic lover who won’t judge you this cuffing season, look no further than a Virgo. "Virgos are finding they really value communication during this Venus retrograde," says Annabel. As it gets colder and colder, the last thing you need is a partner who gets passive aggressive instead of telling you what’s really up with them. The first step to avoiding that may just be asking out a Virgo. You got this!

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