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Marvel Universe

Here's Why Spider-Man is the Best Hero We'll Ever Get

We learn how to be a good person and a great hero through a special video spotlight of the famous wall-crawler.
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This weekend sees the release of Spider-Man: Homecoming, featuring the return of Spider-Man to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in his own feature film, an event both casual and diehard fans are getting pretty damn excited for it. But the stakes are high for this new entry of the web-slinging hero, thanks in part, to the special place Spider-Man holds in the hearts of fans. "Spider-Man - The Lessons of Heroism," a video essay by Youtube pop-culture commentator kaptainkristian gets to the bottom of why the red-and-blue teenage hero resonates so strongly with fans, and how he's different from the run-of-the-mill superhero.


"The Marvel Universe is massive," kaptainkristian explains in the video for IGN, "and as much as they keep trying to condense it, there are still hundreds of thousands of characters, each with their own tale to be learned from. But what is it about Spider-Man, specifically, that resonates with people so well?" One of the key factors to Spider-Man's success as a comic hero is his relatability. He's super-powered, but that doesn't mean his life is any easier. "It was a brand new take on the superhero genre, the idea that superpowers won't always improve your life. He can do these incredible things, yet he's still subject to the hardships we face as everyday people."

Most of the mistakes Spider-Man makes are entirely his own fault

If a hero isn't free from everyday worries, they're able to come a bit closer to earth, and become that much more relatable. "The best part of him being on the Avengers," the Youtuber explains, "is he isn't needed. He's outclassed by nearly everyone, but he's there because he wants to make a difference. Because, on some level, he's trying to prove to himself that he can do what's right and rise up to the rest of them." Through comics, television shows, movies, video games, what we get again and again is a hero who bumbles his way through the world in much the same way the audience might, and that's why Spider-Man still feels as fresh today as he did back in 1962.

To learn more about the allure of the web-head, watch kaptainkristian's full video below:


To watch more videos from kaptainkristian, visit his Youtube channel here.


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