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This MarbleLympics Event Pits Marbles Against Fidget Spinners

Now this is what it’s like when worlds collide.

In case you weren't aware, the MarbleLympics is currently ongoing. You know, the annual event where YouTube marble master Jelle Bakker pits teams of marbles against each other in elaborate, miniature events. The latest event, Fidget Spinner Collision, is perhaps his best so far.

The premise behind Fidget Spinner Collision is relatively simple: 16 teams of four marbles, all set into motion by Bakker, compete two teams at a time to see how many can stay on the field after a direct collision sends them hurtling towards four different fidget spinners spinning quite fast. It's not the most scientific endeavor, but you've got 20 minutes of marbles hitting each other, fidget spinners, and barrier dominoes to enjoy.

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The real appeal of the MarbleLympics, and this video specifically, is the attention to detail. The stands, made of LEGO bricks, are filled with other marbles and tiny signs indicating which teams they're rooting for. (#THUNDERBOLTS being front and center in most shots.) Commentator Greg Woods never treats the event as anything but deadly serious—especially when there's an injury on Team Momo where one marble is significantly chipped that forces a forfeit.

Ultimately Shining Swarm takes gold, with Limers and Team Primary following for silver and bronze. Team Primary is currently first in the overall standings, but there are still nine more events to go. If MarbleLympics 2017 is anything like MarbleLympics 2016, any group of marbles could come out on top.

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