Taurus, July 2017


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Taurus, July 2017

Some new information will come your way this month, sweet cow.

July opens with the Sun in caring, creative Water sign Cancer; however, the energy is harsh due to a clash between Mars, the planet of war, and Pluto, the planet of death and destruction. (And rebirth, but that is easy to forget when there is so much drama in the air.) Watch for a major argument, and for people to behave shadily or manipulatively.

Another day to keep an eye on is July 10, when the Sun will oppose Pluto—massive egos will clash. During these two tense planetary clashes, watch for destructive gossip, and think twice about how the person who is giving you information benefits from you believing them.


Your planetary ruler, Venus, enters Air sign Gemini on July 4, bringing money-related blessings and reminding you how worthy you are of the best that life has to offer. That said, Venus loves to indulge, and you, Taurus, love to shop, so try your best not to hemorrhage cash.

Communication planet Mercury enters warm, generous Fire sign Leo on July 5, bringing movement toward, and communication about, your family and home life. Use this time to organize your personal space or get in touch with your parents. If you're looking to move, or have some issues you need to work out in your home, messenger planet Mercury will assist!

The full moon in Capricorn arrives on July 8 (or 9, if you're on the East Coast). A profound and revealing conversation will take place. You're releasing old patterns of thinking, which is no small feat for you, Taurus, considering how stubborn you are. The vibe is turbulent and emotional, but being open to new ideas, and being empathetic to other people's experiences, even if you don't "get it," is a powerful and productive way to work with the energy.

Your planetary ruler, Venus, clashes with the planet of illusions and delusions, Neptune, on July 17, which will find you feeling confused about where you fit in and whether you feel valued. It's important to not give in to paranoid ideas, Taurus, but be cautious, and don't make commitments or promises.

Another difficult day, my sweet cow, is July 24, when Venus will oppose Saturn. People are in bad, stingy moods. It's not a great time to ask for things, because people will be in the mood to refuse. Money and self-esteem issues will arise. Saturn is the planet of fear and restrictions—themes that sweet and lovely Venus doesn't know how to deal with.


Venus makes a harmonious connection with Jupiter, in Libra, on July 18, which will bring good vibes, Taurus, especially at work, around money, and with your self-esteem (and even your health). The mood is hopeful and creative.

Action planet Mars enters Leo on July 20, followed by the Sun on July 22, officially kicking off Leo season! Expect to be in a domestic mood as the Sun shines on the home and family sector of your chart. Again, if you're hoping to move, or if you have concerns about your family (or even your roommates), the energy will be conducive to working those out.

An especially good time for a fresh start is July 23, during the new moon in Leo. Emotionally, it will be an occasion for you to reflect on your sense of privacy, safety, and your boundaries.

If you're in a witchy mood, cast a protection, safety, or happy-home spell, and set new intentions for how you want things to be. Perhaps draw up a vision board of your dream home!

Messenger planet Mercury enters fellow Earth sign Virgo on July 25, activating a fun and flirtatious sector of your chart. Invitations to celebrate will come your way, and you'll be ready to leave your home. Expect communication from a crush.

As a fixed (meaning, you were born in the middle of the season—spring) Earth sign—solid and dependable—flexibility doesn't come easily to you. Virgo is an Earth sign too, but it's what's called a mutable sign. Mutable signs fall at the end of the season—Virgo is at the end of summer—and are communicative, curious, and of course, flexible.

During messenger planet Mercury's trip through Virgo, I suggest, Taurus, that you commit to either being more flexible—when it comes to dating or creativity—or, if more appropriate, to surrounding yourself with people who are open to change.

Your ruling planet, Venus, enters Water sign Cancer on July 31, creating an easy, gentle, and kind atmosphere of communication and connection. Talking to people will be way easier than it was in early July! Enjoy it, Taurus, because August, thanks to the eclipses, is sure to be dramatic. See you then!