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Nine Inch Nails Treat The Studio Like an Electronic Instrument on New Single

"THIS ISN'T THE PLACE​" is the second track to be released from 'ADD VIOLENCE,' the second in a scheduled trilogy of EPs.
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Industrial rock veteran Trent Reznor today shared a sinister new track off Nine Inch Nails' upcoming five-track EP, ADD VIOLENCE. "THIS ISN'T THE PLACE" is structured as a single glacial build that grows in entropic intensity until, at the very last second, it comes to an unexpected total halt. Reznor leads the track with a measured, agitated vocal, singing over utilitarian drum hits and bluesy synth bass while orchestral strings swirl in discordance.


The forthcoming EP marks the second in a planned trilogy of EPs that began with 2016's Not the Actual Events; Reznor's band has not released a studio album since 2013's Hesitation Marks.

Yesterday he shared the back cover for ADD VIOLENCE with a note on their website suggesting that fans pay close attention. "REMEMBER WHEN RECORDS HAD BACK COVERS? NO? MAYBE THIS ONE IS IMPORTANT," he said.

ADD VIOLENCE will be released this Friday, July 21, and is available for pre-order.

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