Spek Won Returns to the Motherland in South Africa-Shot "Africa Forever" Video

When people say "for the culture," this is what they mean.
July 7, 2017, 3:00pm

Toronto MC Spek Won is an artist whose varied influences make themselves very apparent in his work, whether it's jazz or classic JRPGs. What's likely most important to the native Ghanaian is acknowledging his origins, which he does in the new video for "Africa Forever" off his 2015 album Sofa King Amazing. The clip, filmed in South Africa and directed by Mark Valino, follows Spek as he hangs out with locals, enjoys the scenery, and takes in the culture. There are also snippets of unreleased music from a forthcoming project.


"With this video, we wanted to capture strong images and highlight Rasta culture on the continent," Spek told Noisey over email. Watch the "Africa Forever" video below.