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Bill Belichick's T-Shirt Is Pretty Fucked Up!

The Patriots coach wore a shirt that says "Life is great" with a cartoon K9 soldier smiling as his dog attacks a man in a turban.
Image vía Twitter/@kathmastro

New England Patriots haute couture-ist Bill Belichick was spotted in the wild yesterday, rocking his classic no-sleeves look and, I am pretty sure, cut-off chinos. Suns out, guns out, etc. Oh yeah, the shirt also depicts a dog eating a dead man in a turban as an armed soldier looks on, smiling, and a caption that reads "Life is great."

Pretty weird! Some might even say offensive. The Boston Herald reports that the shirt comes from the mind (sort of—more on that in a bit) of former Navy SEAL Jim Amann, who had been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan with his K9 partner, Rocky. He now runs a company that offers training and other goods and services for K9 units. You can buy the shirt on the company website for $18.95. "If you are a military K-9 handler," the site reads, "then life is great! Celebrate the end of Osama Bin Laden with this T-shirt."


Belichick is a big military guy and talks often about his father's time as an assistant coach at Navy, so it's certainly not a surprise that he's supportive of Amann.

What is a surprise is that Belichick does not seem to support local Boston company Life is Good, a brand that trades in optimism rather than death—and whose logo Amann's shirt appears to be blatantly ripping off, right down to the smiling stick figure.

We reached out to Life is Good to see what they thought about their brand being co-opted in this way and unwittingly promoted by a local hero, and we'll update if we hear back.

Update 6:45 PM: We received the following response from Life is Good:

Hello Fellow Optimist, Thank you for taking the time to email us with your suggestion and for being a fan of Life is good. We don't have an immediate plans to add this design, but I will be sure to send your email over to our Design Team, have a great day! :)